Ice Hockey in Australia and Hockey Arenas

Ice hockey has become a favourite sport in Australia with the increased investment in the game. There is an amateur league in the country which is run by the Australian Ice Hockey Federation, currently operating as Ice Hockey Australia (IHA). The main job of the association is to administer, promote and govern all aspects of ice hockey-related activities in the country, and was formed in 1908, which makes it one of the oldest hockey federations in the world. With the latest developments, if you are an ice hockey fanatic, this site is the number one stop for you, as you will get information related to ice hockey in Australia, such as when the league runs, the most famous arenas in Australia and much more.

Ice Hockey Arenas

There are many ice hockey arenas in Australia, which are either privately or publicly owned, with most of them situated in major towns and states, making them accessible to a large number of people. It’s important to note that these arenas are not solely used for ice hockey events, but also for other events such as ice skating. Its a requirement by the federation that each team that is taking part in the league should have its own arena where they play their home games, but in some instances, you will find two teams sharing one arena. Regarding size, the ice hockey arena has to follow the international set standards, to allow participants to feel comfortable when taking part in an event.

Watching Hockey Online

There are many ice hockey leagues in the world, hence plenty of games being played each and every day. You may not be able to attend all your favourite team games, due to the distance needed to travel, or time constraints, hence the need to watch the games online. With internet penetration and advancements in technology, it has now become easy to watch the game of your choice on the go, or if you are relaxing at home. We have a dedicated section on this site, that looks at some ways to watch your favourite games online.

With the latest happenings in the ice hockey field, you don’t want to be left behind by this massive wave of enthusiasm. This site provides some of the most critical information, that will help you love ice hockey as a sport, and who knows, you may even end up trying your luck in the hockey arena as a player.