Australian Ice Hockey League Latest

Ice hockey in Australia is a moderately popular event, as compared to other sports in the country such as athletics, soccer and basketball among others. From the spectator’s aspect, you will find that not many people participate in the event. However, it’s important to note that ice hockey is gaining popularity, with increased participation and spectator awareness, through the inclusion of the sport in major world tournaments such as the Olympic games. In Australia, you will also find facilities that offer ice hockey training, for both junior and senior levels, depending on the player’s experience and expertise.

The establishment of the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) in 2000, after the collapse of the state-based league, has also contributed to the emergence of ice hockey as one of the upcoming sports in the country. In 2012, the league was expanded to include teams from Perth, which is located in Western Australia, and the introduction of a two conference competition has also contributed to the popularity of the sport in the country. The AIHL is the largest hockey league in the southern hemisphere, and is managed by the Australian Ice Hockey Federation, currently operating as Ice Hockey Australia, and is a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which oversees all ice hockey-related activities in the world.

The AIHL Organisation

Ice Hockey Australia has seven affiliations, which are both state and territory based, with each state tasked with the responsibility of running and managing ice hockey-related activities in their jurisdiction. In 2000, when the league was starting, there were only three teams that participated in the first season, and since then, the number has increased to the current nine, making the competition more purposeful. There has also been increased competition in the league.

About the League

It’s important to note that players in the AIHL are not paid, as is the case in other established leagues, such as the National Hockey League (NHL), but enjoy benefits such as accommodation, and other allowances during the season. The season runs from mid-April to early September, with games being played either on Saturday or Sunday, with each team playing four games against each of the other league participants.

With the current trends, it’s evident that ice hockey is becoming a favourite sport among many sports enthusiasts. We sincerely encourage you to read through the website for more informative articles on ice hockey, especially in Australia.